Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When You Finally Realize Your Baby Sister Can Kick Your Butt...

Hey there! You all may remember a while back I had a Wordless Wednesday post of my favorite military person. Well, in honor of Veteran's Day I thought I would bring her back and share some more with you all about her. She's my younger sister, by 17 months. (The way our birthdays fell, we were 2 years apart in school.) But I've always felt super protective over my siblings. She'll always be a bratty baby to me.
About her:
She's in graduate school at one of the top schools in the country for her field. She spent 4 years in active duty in the United States Air Force and has since been in the reserves. She currently holds the title of  Technical Sergeant. Although she would kill me if she found out that I told you this; she just got picked number 1 for an officer training scholarship program. EEEEEEP! My baby sister is going to be a Lieutenant!!!

This is her accepting the offer on Veteran's Day. Isn't she beautiful?!

Yep, she's on her way back to active duty. While we don't live in the same state now, I still get to see her almost monthly since her reserve base is in my state. Once she's stationed, I'm going to see much less of her and I'm going to miss her terribly, but I can't help being so excited and so  proud of her. Since I've never written about her, I never gave her a name. So I guess we're going to call her Lulu (for lieutenant). Pretty cute, right?
On a more serious note, if you see a vet today or any day, Thank them. And ALWAYS, ALWAYS PRAY for them. 

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