Thursday, November 14, 2013

Minion Birthday Gifts and Cupcakes

This post is long over due. Back in August my nephew Tater turned 7. And he was really into minions, those little cuties from Despicable Me. He said he wanted me to make him minion cupcakes and I thought it would be fun for him and I to make them together. When I asked him what he wanted for a gift, he said a minion jacket. What?! Where am I going to find one of those? He says, "You can make one." Simple as that. Naturally all sorts of alarms went off in my mind. I can't make one, and it actually turn out nice. No way, no how! So I said, "Sure Buddy, if that's what you want, you got it!" Then I freaked out forever. I googled so many pictures trying to find one that I could copy. I found a good one and I set out with my fabric and Heat-n-Bond, on a mission to create a minion jacket for my little pal. For the record, I bought the jacket, a plain black hoodie from Wal-Mart. I basically just made a giant minion iron on patch. And since that actually turned out nice, I got a little cocky and made him a bottle with some vinyl and a Dollar Tree bottle.

This is Tater decorating the cupcakes. As you can see, we thought it would be cool to color our batter to match the minions too.
So here's what we did:
1. We baked our cupcakes.
2. We frosted them with blue icing and set them aside.
3. Tater cut the twinkies in half.
4. I put dots of frosting on for eyes and Tater stuck white Smarties on them. (I'm sure he only ate about a pound of smarties while sorting out the white ones)
5.Tater put long chocolate sprinkles on the top for the hair.
6. I used gray and black frosting to finish the eyes and goggles.
7. Tater placed one Twinkie half minion head on each frosted cupcake.
And this is our finished product. Aren't they adorable? No, they don't look like they came from a posh bakery. They look like a 7 year old got to have a blast with his favoite aunt making cupcakes. They were absolutely PERFECT!
Turned out pretty good, huh?
How to make your own:
What you need: Heat-n-Bond Ultra, yellow fabric,blue fabric (I used old jeans), scraps of black,brown, white and gray fabric, 2 buttons, hot glue gun
1. Prepare fabric according to Heat-n-Bond instructions.
2. Draw complete outline of minion (hands,gloves, shoes included) on paper to make a stencil. (I had to do mine freehand but I would recommend tracing a copy if you can.)
3. Trace the complete outine of minion on yellow fabric and cut out.
4. Trace and cut out the overalls, gloves, boots, each layer of the eyeball, goggles, mouth and the pocket of the overalls.
5. Iron the yellow outline on your jacket.
6. Iron on the pants, gloves, boots, goggles strap and mouth.
7. Iron on the white of the eye and the jeans pocket.
8. Iron on the brown of the eye and the gray ring of the goggles.
9. Iron on the pupil (black dot in the eye).
10. Hot glue 2 little buttons on the minion's overalls.
11. Enjoy your creation!
I think this last minute idea was absolutely perfect. And he really loved it, too.
You can make one too!

Here's what you need:
Cheap yellow bottle or cup, adhesive vinyl (black, white, gray, brown), something to cut with e.g. scissors I cheated and used my Cricut.
1. Cut black strip about 1 inch wide and long enough to wrap around your bottle/cup.
2. Adhere strip to bottle.
3. Cut 2.5 inch white circle, 1 inch brown circle, .75 inch black circle
4. Cut 2.75 inch O ring shape
5. Adhere black circle on to brown circle, then brown circle on white circle. Now you have an eyeball!
6. Adhere eyeball to bottle on top of strap.
7. Adhere the gray ring to the eyeball.
8. Cut a mouth and adhere it under the eye.
9. Fill it with your favorite beverage and Enjoy!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my minion projects. Come back soon.



  1. oooo how adorable ... where did u find the vinyl ??

  2. I had gotten this vinyl on eBay, but since then I have gotten vinyl by the single sheet at Joann's. Its only $2.99 per sheet and you can use coupons.