Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome To Our New Home

     As you know we moved recently. It was the weekend after Thanksgiving. And I must say... I am in love with my house! We have lots of rooms. Both kids have their own rooms, Hubby has a room for his music equipment and I have a craft room. Well, I will, as soon as I get it cleaned and organized. But hey, I have a room for all my stuff. Lol. We have a basement!! A walk out basement at that. And Hubby has a garage. And a nice big deck. Our last home was beautiful too, but it was a manufactured home. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I really wanted a basement and there is no resale value in manufactured homes. We definitely have work to do here to make it our own and I can't wait. But hey I got Pinterest for ideas, right?
This is the living room. Its kind of a mess. I didn't think to clean up before I took the pic. Oops:)

 This is kitchen, which is also a mess. But hey, we actually live here.
And this is the deck where I plan to have Hubby cook all of our meals when it gets warm out.
     The kids have adjusted to the move so well. We still live in the same town and they go to the same school so that really helps. We bought our last house when Monkey was 7 months old so he and Banana didn't know any other home. I was nervous that it would be hard on them to move but, they both love the new house as much as Hubby and I do. They even have a play room in the basement. Not that they actually play in it, but it's there and they can if they want to. There is a concrete floor down there leading to all the rooms that they just love to ride their scooters on. And did I mention it is within walking distance to "the big park"? There are 3 small single piece of equipment parks in our town and on larger park that the kids have dubbed "the big park". (Our town is pretty small.)

    This is just a little bit of our home I hope you enjoyed seeing it. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.


  1. Aww! Look at you! Pics of the new house up before I got pics of my new house up! lol! Congrats :)

  2. Thanks. You too. LOL! Just grab your camera and start snapping pics or give each child a camera and see what they come up with.