Thursday, January 10, 2013

Been Away Too Long

     So it's been a little while since I've blogged. I've been busy with the move then Christmas and having the kids home. Not to mention that both kids and myself have just been recycling sickness between one another. It's horrible. Monkey has had horrible ear infections to where he couldn't even hear but thankfully when he went back to the Dr. for his recheck there was no damage. For whatever reason that shocked the Dr. But we all know it was God that healed his ears. Praise be to Him.
     We got all moved in and most of the boxes unpacked. And the ones that aren't, I at least got them moved   downstairs to the basement. Lol. We don't have the pictures on the walls though. I guess I've been torn with whether or not I can hang old pictures up in the new house. But like my sister said, we can't just act like our life just started when we moved here and I personally don't want to forget everything before this house. I love the kids' baby pictures. I guess telling you guys has made my decision for me. I'm going to hang them. Thanks. I did do one little crafty thing on the wall. I used my Cricut and cut out a quote from vinyl and put it on the wall.


Its above my bookshelf. I love it.

      Anyhoosen. The kids are back to school and healthy for the most part. And last week I started babysitting the cutest little teeny redhead girl. She's 14 months old and a whopping 18 lbs. So we are going to call her Little Bit. It's so nice to have a toddler around the house again. Yep. I got Baby Fever. I don't know why on earth I got my tubes tied. Probably because I'm an idiot. Oh well. You can't change the past. And at least I get to play with this little runt all day long. It's been wonderful for Monkey and Banana to have her around too. They are so gentle with her, a gentleness that only a baby can inspire. I love to watch them interact with her. They are so eager to make her laugh or smile. Now if only i could get them to act that way with each other. The only thing they share with each other is germs. HA!
This is Little Bit:

Ain't she a doll?

     Well I think I got you all caught up on my life now... Hopefully I can keep up. Lol
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.


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