Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well, I'm Just Gonna Wipe Twice

I was a target last week with my good friend Momma Chaos from Kingdom of Chaos. We were looking for a bicycle for her. Target was our second stop after lunch at our favorite lunch date spot, Flat Top Grill. So naturally we had to pee. Inside the bathroom at Target, she goes into one stall and I go into the one beside her. What do I find? The stall has 2 toilet paper dispensers! One on each side. Obviously I must announce this find. To which she replies, "Dude, mine does too! Well, I'm just gonna wipe twice!" Bahahahaha. I guess she had to since both toilet paper dispensers had different types of toilet paper. One side had smooth toilet paper while the other side had textured tp.
See, one on each side!
Textured Toilet Paper
Smooth Toilet Paper
Sadly enough they were both single ply. 
Who else has some strange bathroom tales? Leave a comment and let me know. No poop pics please. 

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  1. bwahaha! I've been waiting for the famous bathroom post! ha! I am still wondering why in the heck they had 2 darn toilet paper dispensers.. And honestly if it was just a matter of not having to refill as often- WHY did they all have different paper? Inquiring minds..