Sunday, January 27, 2013

Woody Pecker?

     I know what you're thinking. That is a totally inappropriate title. If so, then your mind is as dirty as mine and we should be friends. ;)
     Last night we signed up for the free trial of Netflix and the kids are super excited. I'm sure we will continue the subscription. It's only $7.99 a month. There  is a whole "Just for Kids" menu. And there are shows we had never even heard of on there. I mean who knew there was a Lala Loopsy TV show? I sure didn't. Well, the kids were arguing about what they wanted to watch. Banana wanted to watch Bratz and Monkey wanted to watch anything else. So Mama Random got to pick out the show. And of course, I picked Woody Woodpecker. I haven't seen this stuff in years! So Monkey is reading off the titles of the shows and says "Woody the Woodpecker, that's what we're watching?" Yep! Of course Banana has to shout out her translation "Woody Pecker?!"  I just busted out laughing and Hubby is swearing he is going to lock her up in her room when she turns 10. LOL!
     Bill Cosby was definitely on to something when he said "Kids say the darndest things." Mine certainly do any way. How about yours? Leave me a comment with an outrageous kid quote or a link to a story. I'd love to hear them.
(image taken from google images)
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  1. You will love Netflix. We've been an avid user of Netflix for YEARS now. Since we just found out that our local Blockbuster is closing, we definitely will be using it more! :) We're also fans of Redbox too.
    I'll miss being able to pick up the DVDs and read the back of the labels though. :)

  2. It may be easier to do things on a computer like Redbox and Netflix, but I agree with you about the labels. There's nothing like being able to actually have it in your hand.