Friday, January 25, 2013

How to: Glitter Walls

     As you all know, I have been a busy bee working on making this house our home. And Banana's room is no exception. She had 3 requirements for her new room: 1. Blue
                                                                                      2. Glitter
                                                                                      3. Zebra
Quite a list for a 4 year old, huh? But I am proud to say: NAILED IT! Lol. While shopping at Menards one day I found the blue paint. In the mis-tint section, no less. Cha-ching! Yes, every Menards has one. They sell the colors that have been tinted and put back for $5 a gallon. And here is how to glitterise the walls.

What you need:
Glitter Gun (I rented one from Just Ask Rental inside True Value Hardware store)

  • First you put your paint on. ONE WALL at a time. I put the first coat on all at once then did the 2nd coat one wall at a time.
  • Next fill your Glitter Gun with Glitter. Any kind of glitter you want. This is the glitter I used:

 If you look close you may be able to see that I only used about 30% of this 1 lb bottle.
  • This is the Glitter Gun: the top opens  or the glitter to go inside. The circle is a crank handle. When you turn this handle glitter sprays out of the gray upturned "nose".

  • On your wet painted wall; stand about 2 feet back and start cranking the handle and the wet paint will catch and essentially glue the glitter to the wall.
  • Repeat on remaining walls that you want GLITTERISED.
 You should know that more glitter ends up on the floor than on the walls but it comes up easy enough with a vacuum. Well as easy as glitter comes off of anything.
So now we have the blue and the glitter but we are still missing one of her key elements. ZEBRA.

She also wanted pink but it wasn't a must. And I do believe I incorporated it in a very nice way. We picked out the pink curtains and I made the zebra valances out of the flat sheet that came with her bedding. Then at the last minute she and I picked out some hot pink and zebra Duck brand tape to use as a border. Yep, that's how this country girl rolls. 

And here is the finished product with one happy little girl showing it off.

     Have you done any home projects? I'd love to see them just leave me a link in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


  1. Love this! I would never have thought to put glitter on walls. I see a wall makeover in my future.
    Thanks for linking up at the Super Social Link Party over at Snack Cups and Smiles.

  2. Thanks! If or when you try it, i would love to see pics!

  3. Impressive. Will u have to sand the walls before you reprint again?

  4. I'm guessing that you would have to sand or something when you redo it because you can feel the glitter. But our walls are textured so I tested out a spot and painted over it, just to see, and it just blended in with the already textured walls. But if you are interested in a more subtle shimmer look then you can buy paint crystals which I believe are made by Valspar. It looks like super fine glitter all in the walls. My sister in law did this twice and it looks very pretty and can easily be painted over.

  5. I have never heard of this but it is sooo cool! I'm moving into a new house soon and I might use this in the craft room :0) I’m a new follower of your blog from the Monday Mingle Blog Hop! Would love if you could stop by mine. Thanks :0)

    The Three Whiskateers

  6. I totally glittered my living room ceiling years ago same concept painted only about a 2' section because heat rises and the ceiling was drying too fast also I never saw a gun like that we used a plastic bottle Home Depot sold for the glitter what a hard job lol my hand was killing me squeezing the bottle.My boys were such a huge help one painted a section the other stood underneath me squirting the glitter up and he caught the excess on a big piece of cardboard so we could put it back into the bottle.The glitter I used was from Home Depot and is larger then this glitter you find at the craft store but I love it so pretty at Christmas reflecting the lights.