Thursday, October 11, 2012

You Want to Break What in Half?

     Whew. What a week. Its flown by. I must have been really busy or in so much pain that I didn't notice. Turns out I have dry socket where i got that tooth pulled. And it sucks! But luckily I went to dentist Monday night and he packed it full of some disgusting medicine stuff. It looks like something you would pull out of a clogged drain. And it smells like some kind of floor cleaner. But it sure works awesome. And I guess I had an infection in it too because he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. That I can't even remember to take.
      Anyway. Let me tell you a little story about the kiddos. If you read my previous posts then you know that we recently got a puppy. She was a stray and she's about 5 months old. So potty training is kinda so-so. She won't potty in her crate, but she wants to shit on my floor. Well, I don't do shit. But the kids are more than happy to. They are just so happy to have her that they will do anything. They've even been keeping their toys picked up so Lilly won't choke on them. So back to my story... The damn dog crapped on the living room floor and Banana was first to get a tissue to clean it up. And what do I hear Monkey say? "Hey, break it in half so I can help too!" Ummm. What! Absolutely not. We are not breaking a dog turd in half so you guys can share the responsibility of taking care of her. The crazy thing is that the kid was dead serious. Running through the house to get a tissue to help clean it up. And I have no doubt that if I hadn't intervened, Banana would have broken that poo in half. This definitely tops the list of crazy in those 2, bumping their very real fight over an imaginary toy into a very close 2nd place. But that's another story.
     Well friends I hope the crazy in my life has given you atleast a laugh. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

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