Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Worst Habit

     So I told you all about The Blog Dare a few days ago. It's really a cool idea, if I can remember to do it. Which I can't. But today I did. Go me! Today's topic is, My Worst Habit.
     Hmmm. Now does that mean my most annoying habit? Like interrupting people. I'm really bad about that. It's completely rude, I know. Or interrupting myself, does that even make sense? I will totally be in the middle of a conversation, have another thought, and BOOM, I'm off on another path. Babbling about something totally different.
Or does it mean my most unhealthy habit? Like overeating, or bingeing on junk food and pop. Seriously, I have been going to the gym and working out, only to come home and get in bed with an icecream bar and a pop. Its ridiculous! You would think I wanted to stay fat. I really don't. But old habits die hard, I guess.
     I think I've aired enough of my dirty laundry for one day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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