Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are you readyfor some (flag) football?!

Hello. So as you know football season is fast approaching. I know absolutely NOTHING about football. I come from a family of football fans but somehow missed out on that gene. Whew. Ha. Anyway, Monkey started flag football today. Knowing that he would start soon, I, of course, waited till today to try to find him some shoes. Way to get a jump start on that. Lol. But am I ever glad I did wait. After I dropped Monkey at school, I recruited Carmen (the sis-n-law) to go to our closest big city (35 miles away) with me to find some shoes. Now, he doesn't have to wear cleats, but he can. That or regular tennies. So I thought if I'm going to have to spend $40 on a pair of shoes, then I'm going to get him some that he wears more than 6 times. So we headed of in search of some fairly cheap high top tennies. At Shoe Carnival I find one pair of hideously ugly Nikes on clearance in his size. Literally every pair of shoes they had in a 2 was $48 and up. So I resigned myself to the ugly Nikes because honestly he would probably like them. Then Carmen is checking out some women's clearance shoes and I spy, right out in the open, a table with children's Riddell football cleats. And for $18! What!? Incredible. But it gets better. Theres a tag on the table that says take an extra $5 off kids clearance shoes. Wooohooo. Back go the ugly Nikes and I'm off to pay for the very nice Riddell $13 cleats. Oh yea! But wait! It gets even better. I get to the checkout. The cleats were actually 50% off the sticker. That's right folks. I paid $9 for those cleats!
When Monkey got out of school, I told him I got him some football cleats and he was ECSTATIC. Saying "i love my awesome football cleats." Point for Mom. Haha. Then we got to do the super fun task of molding his first mouth guard. And boy wasn't that a great time. Yep more sarcasm. We remolded that thing atleast 12 times and it probably still isn't right. I told him to just keep his mouth shut so it won't fall out. Lol.  Even though I pretty much waited till the very last minute to do everything, we got there early, (which is HUGE for me) and Monkey had a wonderful time. And did really well. Only lost his flag once. And Banana even made a new friend too. A 4 year old little girl whose birthday is just 3 days after hers. They played "gymnastics" and tumbled and flipped all over together. It was super cute. Especially since they're both so small. They played so well but hardly spoke a word to each other.
Well after this long day I'm going to drag my achy bones to bed. As always, I hope you enjoy reading about my family. And all comments, thoughts and ideas are appreciated. Maybe you've gotten a good deal on something lately that you'd like to share. Here's the place. Or maybe you have some tips on mold those mouse pieces? Hint, hint.
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

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