Sunday, September 9, 2012

4 year old "guys"

Hey guys. You're thinking guy, really, more like baby. Atleast that what I would think. Yesterday Carmen and I went to watch her kindergartener (soon to be named) play soccer. There is a playground at the soccer field so Banana and her best friend/cousin Pixie were playing and having a good time. Then all of the sudden they come over to tell us some apparently exciting news. And at 4 years old, what isn't over the top exciting news? Well here it is... And I quote: "There's a guy from our class here. That guy in the red coat. He's in our class." Hahaha. Lol. These two little angels, barely over three feet tall, talking about a "guy". Carmen and I about lost it. Then they ran off to play with that "guy". If at 4 years old Banana is hanging out with "guys", it's almost guaranteed that Hubby will lock her up and throw away the key when she becomes a teenager.

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