Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ah. Finally a breather.

  Hello all. I'm back. This year my son started the big K, and my daughter is going to 3yr old preschool. On top of that he wanted to play soccer. And I'm totally fine with that. Well soccer was only on Saturday mornings. Its over now. Whew. The day was actually 2 weeks ago. But then last week we had to have his 6th birthday party. And let me just say I was so excited to not have to go anywhere or do anything this  morning I could have done cartwheels. But instead by biological alarm clock decided to get up before the kids anyway.So I did the only thing I could think of...
  I woke my husband up and had him take us shopping. I had been in a department store the other day and saw a Dora coat for my daughter and they wanted $70 for it! Yep that's right $70! No way. Not for a 3 year old. Especially not my little tomboy. So I went looking at some stores that I know are less pricey. I found the same $70 Dora coats for... drumroll please...25 bucks. (@Gordmans) Oh yeah! Then we went and got my son a coat @Burlington Coat Factory and some cute little cowgirl boots for the girl. And all together we only spent $70. It certainly pays to shop around. Well we're almost to our next store.
  Until next time. Thanks for reading. And kkep checking back for new posts.

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