Monday, September 28, 2015

I have been working on...

     Yesterday, I promised to reveal what else I've been working on. This "project" has been a long time dream of mine. It required training for both my husband and myself, many family discussions, interviews of my family, room redecorating, and modifications to our home. Do you think you know what it is yet? If you guessed Foster Care... You're right!
It has been such an emotional ride. But, we've now completed all of our class work. We are CPR, First Aid and AED trained. Our children have been interviewed, our home has been inspected and our friends and family have submitted reference letters. We are at the bottom of 4 home studies that our Foster Care Specialist is in the process of writing but when she finishes (hopefully soon), we will be licensed foster parents. Then we will just be waiting for placements. I would love to do sibling groups, but Mr.Random is a little more leery. He would prefer to start with one and see what happens. And he's probably right. Because it is an adjustment for our entire family, we may want to start off slowly, ease our way into it. I recently spoke with another foster mom in our area and she told me that when she started foster care, about 4 years ago, several of her couple friends became foster parents too, but have since quit. I always thought it was a lifetime commitment. I certainly intend for it to be for our family. At this point we have decided to accept children who are 4 and under in to our home. As our children get older, we may accept older children. Both Monkey and Banana are excited to have a baby and/or a toddler in our home. God really has blessed me with great children. I know they will big great foster siblings to anyone who comes in to our home. I can't wait to share more of this exciting journey with you all.

I can not wait to have a little person in this room!

Come back soon. I will be sharing details about this room and the decorations I've been working on for this.
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