Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smells Like Summer (Australian Gold Sunscreen Review)

You know there are certain smells that remind you of specific things? I don't mean that smelling pizza reminds you that you're hungry. I mean how pine trees and cinnamon smell like Christmas. Well Australian Gold Sunscreen smells like summer. It doesn't just smell like sunscreen or plain lotion. It smells like summer. Like beaches and boats and swimming and sunshine and barbecues. I've only ever used Australian Gold products to help me get a tan before, never the opposite, until now. This suncreen is gentle enough to wear on your face and tough enough to wear in the pool. It dries clear and not too oily. It's water resistant (for 80 minutes), and sweat proof too. That last part is my personal opinion. Indiana humidity is no joke and with active kids, I need a product that can hold up to my sweat and theirs. This one is it. Sunscreen is a part of our life in the summer, so why not have one that feels and smells great...
I received a sample of this product to try in exchange for my honest opinion.

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