Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fav Song Right Now: Just Chillin' It

Is anyone else a country music fan out there? I'm a die hard country fan. I always have been. Even in high school when all we cared about was how hard we could make our trunks rattle with our bass. Of course back then I liked rap a lot too, but I never could leave my country roots,even when my friends would laugh or joke about the twang making their ears bleed. I grew up on country and my kids are too. This week though I have had a new country song stuck in my head. The title is so cheesy. I'm positive that you won't ever catch me saying it (unless I'm singing it). But here it is for you to enjoy. I got it off of YouTube. Its not an official video. Just Chillin It by Cole Swindell
Pretty catchy, huh? Go ahead, listen to it again. You know you want to. Well, what did you think?

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