Thursday, March 14, 2013

Minus 1! Oh Yea Baby!

     This is an update on Monkey. He is doing FANTABULOUS! The medicine Vyvanse is really working wonders in him. I told you all about the first day that he went to school on it. Well, we've gone a little over a week and I got a detailed report like that every day after school. (Aw, tears of joy!) And now I have even more good news to report. Yesterday he brought home some math tests and quizzes from last week. Two tests had minus 1 on each of them and minus 0 on the quizzes. And on both tests the part that he got wrong was showing the work. He got the answer right on both tests and made the exact same mistake in writing the equation. How cool is that?! Before he averaged about 40-60% on his math tests. Because he just didn't pay attention the whole problems. And now look at my baby go! He even moved up 2 levels in his rocket math (40problems-1minute). I mean don't get me wrong, I don't believe that this is some miracle drug and poof he's all better. No. Other things are showing up more, which we expected. But right now I'm choosing to focus on all the POSITIVE things that are happening.

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