Friday, October 19, 2012

4 Generations of Crazy

     Hey y'all. How's it going? I hope you're all having a good weekend. I am super sleep deprived and finally finished the longest drive of my life.
      Right now we just made it to Kentucky (about 350 miles from me).  My grandpa, who I barely know, has always lived there. Until my uncles decided it was too much of a hassle to go down there whenever he got ill or anything. So they transplanted him up to their town when he got too sick and left him to fend for himself. Yes, my uncles are arseholes, but in all fairness he was never much of a dad to them. And he's lived in another state for the last 30+ years.
Anyway. My moms genes got all screwed up somehow. And she's nothing like her brothers or her parents. I think when their family got souls and consciences, my mom was the only one who got one. And God help me, I'm a sucker just like her. So she's been taking care of him, even though he hadn't called or visited or spoke to her in 30 years. But that's her, that's us. So now he's dying and here we are on a road trip to his hometown for one last visit. Its Grandpa, my mom, myself and both my kiddos. 4 generations of crazy.
     Apparently there is some big festival going on. So it should be alot of fun. If I don't go absolutely bonkers and lock all 4 of them in the hotel room and take off on my own. Ha. So far on this road trip, noone has been hungry at the same time or had to pee at the same time. My mom has been over-indulging the kids with junk food. She gave them Cherry Coke at 7:30 at night. If they have pop, its usually caffiene free. Sprite, root beer, etc. So needless to say, Banana went nuts. She was jumping on the bed, running around in circles, and laughing like a hyena. I think it had the opposite effect on Monkey because he laid down and went right to sleep.
   Well I'm off to the parade. Hope you all have a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by.
~Ms. Random

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